Note Number 5… Memories…

the fifties…me, me, me my sister and my dad

We’ve been sorting through things and packing. Inevitably it takes a while, especially for me because when I’m looking at photographs I become nostalgic, have to talk about each one of them and reminisce for a while. I did manage to throw out enough to make one box instead of two and I began to really appreciate digital photography because you can access those at any time, print off the ones you like and put them into frames, make albums on your computer and generally be very organised. I suppose there’s always a risk of hard drive failure but today you can probably store everything in ‘the cloud’.

I enjoyed looking at my past and laughed a lot at my many incarnations through the decades!
Pictures of my children as babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults – the time has flown by…so many memories; three weddings and as many funerals and that only includes immediate family. Good times, bad times, happy times, sad times…

I cannot possibly share all the photos with you but here’s a selection…

the sixites, with my first car and with our dog Amber.

the seventies I was a little bit busy Matt and Emily born…Check out my hair!


the eighties, my sister, my mum, my bro and me…similar smiles I think

still the eighties… I was busier than in the seventies! First Thomas then Joe and Wills the twins…Emily so wanted a sister…ah well. I wasn’t going to have any more!

The nineties…horses and parties…still got the permed hair look!


I need to save some for my memoirs…if and when I get to write them…

4 thoughts on “Note Number 5… Memories…

  1. I hear from some members of your adoring public that you are, in fact, better looking than ever – and there are still a couple of decades unreported – aren’t there? maybe best gloss over those for a variety of reasons …


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