Note Number 11…Christmas Over, heading for NYE…



Christmas is over, a good time was had by all…in our house anyway… now the countdown for New Year. We all ate too much of course, even though we tried very hard not to be unnecessarily indulgent. I scoffed a huge amount of cheese, thanks to the never-ending cheese board supplied by Joseph Hartley (son).  It lasted several days despite our efforts each time we sat at the table,  to finish the medley,  it appeared fully replenished again at the next sitting.

A million variety of mince pies were forced down my throat by those naughty Christmas goblins, and a copious amount of chocolate was stuffed into my ever open mouth by the wicked fairy.

So, four days of wallowing in unhealthy (but delicious) victuals and vino has left me feeling bloated and lazy.  But, probably, like a whole host of other people, I’m determined to carry on bingeing until midnight on the 31st December, at which point it will ALL stop. Yes it will…(no it won’t) Who said that? I know, it’s pantomime season but…

Yesterday, in the Independent newspaper I read an article about pomegranates, you can see it here for yourself.  So, The Man and I are going on a pomegranate hunt on the 1st January and will be eating them everyday.  We will also detox and cut out all alcohol, crisps, nibbles, chocolate etc., etc., except of course on Thursday evenings when we play cards, at which event we must have drinks and nibbles…

Oh dear…

We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted re the pomegranates.


Hope your Christmas was good and Happy New Year readers. What are your plans for 31st December and beyond?

3 thoughts on “Note Number 11…Christmas Over, heading for NYE…

  1. didn’t we have a few pomegranate seeds on the marvellously sweet, sweet potato pie we had? surely that counts for something – if not then we are doomed truly doomed – actually given the political situation in the world at prez we are doomed anyway – so scoff away me hearties and be damned!!!!


    • It was passion fruit…dopey! And it was on the pavlova NOT the sweet potato pie…goodness, we did eat a lot didn’t we…phew…


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