Note Number 66. . . A Quick update of Some Good Things that are Happening. . .




I have accepted an unconditional place at Exeter University to do an MA in Creative Writing beginning September 2019. I know it’s going to be a lot of hard work but I am so excited. I’m hoping it will take my writing to another level and I’m fully prepared and committed to putting in the effort needed to be successful. It will, of course mean, that The Man may have to produce a few meals and take the dog out for a walk now and I’m sure my organisational skills will be tested to the limit.  I have never ‘attended’ university. For my BA in Dance Education I worked on line with the Royal Academy of Dance and then went to Durham University to recieve my certificate, (the course was validated by Durham). I’m looking forward to being on campus and suspect that I won’t be the only mature student there. I’m not planning on going to Fresher’s Week, although at least one of my children thinks I should go and even suggested an outfit.

Freshers Outfit

Thanks Joe! 

I’m going to give regular updates on my MA as I go along to let you all know how I get on from month to month. I hope I won’t be too tired and you won’t find it too boring.

images copy


2.   RNA – Romantic Novelists’s Association

I have, at long last, sent in a complete manuscript of my novel for appraisal by this organisation of which I am on the New Writers’ Scheme. I’m not expecting great things, I know there is plenty wrong with it (a soggy middle for a start) but it is a wonderful feeling to have written 84,000 words and finish the story that I have been working on for some years.


my awesome book



19 thoughts on “Note Number 66. . . A Quick update of Some Good Things that are Happening. . .

  1. The Man tells me that despite the potential requirement to forage in the kitchen jungle – he is immensely proud of both your stellar achievements. He did say that you would be one of the youngest at heart on campus !

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  2. I’m really excited for you Ninette – and very excited also that the novel is finished! Fingers crossed we can all stampede our local bookshops soon for copies! xx

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  3. Well done you. It will be hard work no doubt, but well worth it for the experience, the development, and result. Congratulations.

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  4. I look forward to hearing all about your Uni adventures! I’m sure it will be fun and a great source of new blog material for your loyal readers 😊
    Geoff cooking and dog walking? On a bike?😂


  5. I hope so too Jackie. I’ve emailed Wendy telling her that I might miss a few but I actually think it will be important for me to get away from the desk from time to time! Depends on my timetable. Fingers crossed it works out. x


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