About Me

I am a writer, mother, grandmother, wife and teacher and have followed many paths – from acting and dancing to magazine publishing, and even driving a pony and trap, but `I always come back to story telling and poetry.

I have an MA in creative writing and have just published a memoir Dear Tosh, which is a tribute to my son who died at the age of twenty-seven. It is  mother’s story of love, grief and acceptance. You can read more about it on my other website http://www.ninettehartley.com

The name Ninette90 evolved some years ago after I had a phone call asking, ‘Are you Mrs Ninety Hartley’ which I found amusing. At first I call the site Ninette’s 90 notes but I’ve done those now so I’ve changed the name to Ninette90.

Sometimes I record my flash fiction or poetry over on the other website shortstorypods.com Please take a minute to check them out.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and browse through the old ones. There’s something here for everyone.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Olivespastavino, I’ve just dipped into your lovely blog and must agree. Learning Italian ‘later’ in life is not easy! Like you my memory just isn’t what it used to be, but I’m plodding on hoping to reactivate some brain cells. The more, the better. Ciao.


    • Thank you for dipping into my blog! Memory is a strange thing, mostly I can remember Italian words that are of no use to me!


  2. Ciao from Domenico Pecorari. Although I live and work in Alice Springs, central Australia, my wife, Lynne, and I love Petritoli and recently bought and restored my grandmother’s Iovely apartment in Petritoli, up on La Rocca, right underneath the bell-tower. We hope to spend more time there as we ease into “semi-retirement” and are due to return in December 2014. I hope to meet you then.


  3. Hi Ninette, I wrote a comment probably too large and It was refused by the cwebsite system control.
    So, few words to say welcome again in our land! I’m very glad to have realized that you like it so much and probably love it more than we could show to do it … Thanks to be with us and thanks1 for sharing your moves through your blog.


  4. Giuseppe, thank you for your kind comments…I’ve only just read them! Better late than never (and English expression!) 🙂


  5. Would appreciate if Domenico Pecorari could call Greg Lynch in Melbourne Australia – I’m writing a book on cinema in the outback, with an emphasis on Snow Kenna’s, Pioneer Open Air theatre in The Alice – I’m interested to know the outcome RE: Snow Kenna’s residence & the proposed heritage listing, also the screening of Jedda sometime in 1955 – there is little info available, other than your comment that it was possibly the 2nd screening ever following Darwin ..my phone number is 03 9758 8628 or 0419 362 007 or dimensional1@bigpond.com – would love to chat with you…Regards & best wishes Greg Lynch


  6. Hello – I am making a short educational film about phone box restoration and would like to use a photo of the phonebox library you took. I would need written permission to be able to use it. Can you email me at stenenbaum@gmail.com and I can give you more details about the film. Thanks! Stacey


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